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14 Jan 2011

Rather than adopting the traditional approach of relying on evidence to support and formulate planning policy it would appear as though Swale Borough Council are adopting policy based on evidence creation in its forthcoming Core Strategy Consultation.
12 Jan 2011

WITH regard to Councillor Bowies' letter, I'm still waiting for a response to the questions I've asked the council. As he knows, planning consent on the Stones Farm development is conditional on 15 hectares being set aside in perpetuity as recorded in the planning inspector's report, which is binding.
12 Jan 2011

COUNCILLOR Bowies' rebuke of the views expressed by Mrs Kay Murphy talks at length about being responsive, weighing up arguments and following legal requirements before reaching planning decisions.
12 Jan 2011

COUNCILLOR Bowles may be happy with the consultation procedures regarding planning proposals, but I feel that he is suffering from self-delusion.
05 Jan 2011

I am bewildered with the views expressed by Mrs Kay Murphy’s suggesting that Swale Borough Council does not listen to objectors in relation to planning matters. The Council is exemplary in ensuring all views and representations are made available and taken into account when making planning decisions.
22 Dec 2010

Many people have told me they've given up objecting to planning matters because Swale Council ignores their comments. I had no idea how bad the situation was until I became involved in the Stones Farm consultation process.
18 Dec 2010

Swale Borough Council’s evidence base for the Core Strategy proves that large scale housing development in Sittingbourne and Sheppey has resulted in a housing price increases, whereas in Faversham where development has been severely limited by comparison house prices have fallen.
03 Dec 2010

A CONTROVERSIAL development of farmland could be adopted by the council early next year. The borough's Local Plan allocates land at Stones Farm in Bapchild for about 600 homes and 15 hectares (about 37 acres) for public open space.
01 Dec 2010

Despite housing targets being scrapped by the Government, the council has been ploughing ahead with a document that will pave the way for hundreds of new homes at Stones Farm, Bapchild.
28 Nov 2010

The recent meeting of the Local Development Framework Panel on Thursday 25th November provided us with an insight into why the Council is refusing to address the Government’s own guidance on housing numbers.
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