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24 Nov 2010

In defiance of their own Government which has freed the Council of the targets imposed by the previous Labour administration, the Tory run Council is now proposing not only to maintain those targets but increase them.
20 Nov 2010

If one were to cast an eye over the last few years’ worth of consultations and planning matters which have impacted on Bapchild, you’d almost certainly come to the conclusion that our opinions fall on deaf ears time and time again.
17 Nov 2010

The announcement was made during a speech made in Parliament by Philip Hammond, the Secretary of State for Transport. This was subsequently relayed by officials from the Department for Transport (DfT) and further propagated by the Thames Gateway Chamber of Commerce, in the local press by Your Swale and on Gordon Henderson’s website.
14 Nov 2010

Unsurprisingly the Borough Council’s planning department have totally ignored the vast majority of comments made during the Stones Farm consultation including the fundamental objections ...
10 Nov 2010

PROGRESS on the final section of the long-awaited Northern Relief Road is to be examined by Kent county councillors. Earlier this year, people were asked for opinions on a route for the link between the Eurolink Industrial Estate and the A2 at Bapchild.
26 Oct 2010

Swale Borough Council has commissioned another Study which casts doubt on the suitability of the Kent Science Park for expansion.
24 Oct 2010

Swale Borough Council has put forward plans for 5,000 houses to support an even larger expansion than the owners of the Kent Science Park have ever proposed.
17 Oct 2010

We understand from a number of residents that they are very unhappy with the way in which the Council has conducted itself during the course of the Stones Farm consultation.
15 Oct 2010

Questions have also been raised as to whether or not the site is needed in light of the coalition government scrapping the previous government’s South East Plan housing targets.
15 Oct 2010

In our comments below we do not comment on the details of the brief, but rather we highlight the policy context of the development and explain fundamental conflicts between the proposals in the Local Plan (and thus in the draft Brief) and the County Highway Authority’s preferred route for the final part of the Sittingbourne Northern Relief Road (SNRR).
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