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10 Sep 2010

Swale Borough Council have kindly agreed to extend the deadline for the consultation on Stones Farm to 5pm on Friday 15th October. Click title to see full details
09 Sep 2010

Swale Borough Council are conducting a consultation which ends on 23rd September and provides a real chance to shake things up at the Council and introduce some real democracy. This is not about electing a Mayor as such, but a chance to either elect your choice of leader of the council, or let the councillors appoint their own favourite.
04 Sep 2010

The final consultation on the Stones Farm Development Brief which will ultimately set the framework by which future planning applications will be governed is now upon us.
19 May 2010

ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners have launched a strongly worded bid to stop a controversial road being built through green-belt land near Sittingbourne. The Campaign to Protect Rural England's Kent branch said plans for the final phase of the Sittingbourne Northern Relief Road use "the most damaging and insensitive route that could have been selected" and called for them, to be scrapped.
05 May 2010

The Parish Council has been informed by Ibstock Bricks that they wish to extract clay from the field behind Hempstead House Hotel on 6th May for a one day trial.
17 Apr 2010

Disdainful commentary from Mr Sharpe the Doubleday’s planning consultant regarding the Parish Council is not helpful is resolving the significant differences of opinion that still exist in relation to the preparation of the Development Brief for Stones Farm.
11 Apr 2010

Freedom of Information request reveals secret timescales for progressing Stones Farm. Quite why senior officers from Swale Borough Council felt the need to keep this information from the Parish Council is still something of a mystery.
10 Apr 2010

Isn’t it wonderful how members of our caring local government have valiantly come running to the rescue of the poor unfortunate rail commuters who now have to endure the misery of reduced services to the primary train terminus, all for the sake of an ill conceived high speed service?
11 Mar 2010

A lot of people have quite rightly enquired as to why the route of the Northern Relief Road which was originally envisaged to go north of Hempstead Farm in previous studies, was diverted to go through the south side of the farm, resulting in the needless destruction of properties and running very close to other residential dwellings.
11 Mar 2010

Mr Sharpe has written to Kent Highways Services regarding an interim stage one expansion of Hempstead Farm which you can read for yourself below.
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