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31 Aug 2009

I have been approached by quite a few residents this weekend with regards to the unbearable smells which are thought to originate from the spreading of the muck heaps along church road towards Rodmersham, although this has not been officially confirmed yet.
23 Aug 2009

Having now reviewed the new documents provided by the applicant in the very limited timeframe afforded by the Borough Council, Bapchild Parish Council’s position remains unchanged. The applicant has not demonstrated either the need to expand beyond the security fence or that such an expansion could satisfactorily be accommodated by the existing rural highways whatever traffic mitigation is being proposed.
16 Aug 2009

This weekend I took part in the consultation exercise on the future plans for Swale which is being conducted in order to formulate the basis of Borough Councils plans for the next 20 years.
11 Aug 2009

The final section of the Northern Relief Road will now not go to public consultation until next year and most likely not until after the general election.
Hempstead House refused consent for sign
22 Apr 2009

Hempstead House has been refused retrospective permission for the non-illiuminated banner sign which it had displayed in a private property on the corner of Pantney Lane and the A2. The sign by virtue of its promient location,size, materials used, design and amount of text would have a detrimental impact of the visual amenities of the surrounding area and the character of the surrounding countryside and would be distracting to passing motorists to the detriment of highway safety.
Village Hall extension approved
22 Apr 2009

The plans for the Village Hall extension have been approved.
27 Mar 2009

An application for a 4 Ha expansion beyond the security fence has been submitted by the owners of the Kent Science Park. Given the precedent this application would create for the larger expansion proposals, including the massive housings numbers proposed for Bapchild, the Parish Council has decided to object.
15 Feb 2009

The application for four additional classrooms, additional parking and remodelling of the existing school buildings is to go before KCC's planning application committee next week.
29 Jan 2009

The Kent Science Park has been sold to us as a centre of excellence and high tech innovation but basic arithmetic certainly isn’t their forte.
11 Jan 2009

It's certainly not an uncommonly held view point that public opinion is swiftly dispatched off to the darkest corners of the Local Authority where it lurks forever more in solitude. Most residents are so disillusioned that they would rather give up at the first fence than put up any opposition to defend their quality of life.
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