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15 Nov 2007

Back in February 2006 Swale Borough Council provided a public consultation on their Transport Policy. This included the proposed changes to the train timetable as a consequence of the new service to St Pancras.
12 Nov 2007

Over the last few of days there have been various rumours with regards to the contents of the draft report on the Swale Local Plan. One of them concerns Stones Farm where the inspector appears to haven given the go-ahead to the inclusion of the site.
28 Oct 2007

It would appear that a number of news articles have recently appeared attacking the plans of local farmer Kevin Attwood, who farms at Doddington near Sittingbourne, to build thousands of homes in Kent.
14 Apr 2007

Well it didn’t take long for Swale Borough Council to backtrack on their refusal to allow the Meads estate.
27 Mar 2007

In what appears to be a planning loophole the land owner of Stones Farm is conducting a game of planning application tennis, whereby they submit an inadequate retrospective planning application and the planning department then reject it; they submit another inadequate planning application and so on
07 Jan 2007

In what appears to be a desperate last ditch attempt to push Stones Farm through KCC have gone against the advice of the inspector and teamed up the developer to put forward new evidence to advocate the development of Stones Farm without the Northern Relief Road being in place.
13 Dec 2006

IT WAS with great interest that I read Swale Council's Tory leader Andrew Bowles and his colleague Cllr Don Jordan's grand announcement (Letters, November 29) that they are now supporting the opposition of the Stones Farm housing development in Bapchild.
08 Dec 2006

CAMPAIGNERS against plans to build 600 houses at Bapchild made their views known this week. Armed with banners and T-shirts saying 'No More Housing' the group made sure anyone entering the building knew the houses weren't wanted.
29 Nov 2006

VILLAGERS opposing plans for a massive housing development on farmland near Sittingbourne have gained high profile support.
26 Oct 2006

The campaign to stop Stones Farm in Bapchild being used for housing reaches a crescendo on 30 November when the Swale Local Plan Inquiry Inspector hears from Bapchild Parish Council.
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