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28 Apr 2005

The Speaker Dr. Roy Edney was unable to attend the July Meeting and his place was ably filled by Yvonne Ward whose talk was entitled " Over the pond and Down Under".
02 Mar 2005

The weather may have caught everybody surprise yesterday, but it at least provided some entertainment for the children who were sent home from school.
31 Dec 2004

After a great deal of work we are in the final stages of getting the footpath from Panteny Lane to Dully Road reinstated by way of a public enquiry to be held on the 25th January at Hempstead House
22 Dec 2004

THE FIVE parishes' opposition group of Bapchild, Bredgar, Milstead, Rodmersham and Tunstall welcomes the news that funding has now been secured for the completion of the Sittingbourne Northern Relief Road...
15 Dec 2004

AN ARMY of householders is being formed to oppose the £40 million Northern Relief Road. Last week's news that the long-awaited route north of Sittingbourne would become a reality..
08 Dec 2004

ONE of the last pieces of the jigsaw in Sittingbourne's complicated road network is about to be put in place. The long-awaited Northern Relief Road is on its way — but at a price. Its cost has spiralled to more than £40 million.
08 Dec 2004

THE NORTHERN Relief Road has been seen as lynch-pin of Swale's commercial future. It is also one of the biggest road-building plans in Kent. Ultimately, the route will link the A249 at Grovehurst with the A2 east of Bapchild.
07 Dec 2004

Today I attended the Calor Village of the Year finals at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair, London in which we were up against seven others counties in the Southern and South East England region for a chance to win the regional ICT Award.
17 Nov 2004

After 15 years loyal service as chairman of Bapchild Parish Council, Richard Bush has sadly tendered his resignation. This has arisen in the main part due to an increased workload, and he no longer felt able to offer the same level of commitment that he deemed necessary for the role.
06 Nov 2004

Today, the 6th November marks our first birthday. The site launched at the Bapchild village information evening last year has seen a good steady rate of growth and has gone on to win the Information Technology Award in the Calor Kent Village of the Year 2004 competition
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