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18 Dec 2011

The Council have stated that inclusion of the Kent Science Park within the Core Strategy is a significant risk which could undermine the Core Strategy itself, as deliverability and therefore soundness of the plan as a whole would be compromised.
17 Dec 2011

With traffic relief to the town centre its major selling point, and most of the surrounding network predicted to get far worse can this road even be justified on transport grounds?
06 Nov 2011

We can finally put to bed some of the myths that a Sittingbourne Southern Relief Road will be a significant factor in regenerating Swale’s fortunes.
26 Oct 2011

THERE will be no major congestion-busting additions to Sittingbourne's road network over the next 10 years, it has been suggested.
14 Oct 2011

BUILDING the Sittingbourne Southern Relief Road (SSRR) will not necessarily stop congestion in the borough.
12 Oct 2011

It todays East Kent Gazette Council leader, Cllr Andrew Bowles, emphasised that a Southern Relief Road (A2/M2 Link) would improve traffic on the A2 to the east of Bapchild.
12 Oct 2011

A SITTINGBOURNE Southern Relief Road (SRR) will not stop traffic congestion increasing in the borough over the next 20 years, according to the newest computerised transport model.
10 Oct 2011

Even though many Councillor’s present at the LDF panel meeting last Thursday had no prior knowledge or involvement in the decision making process, it appears that someone in the Council had agreed to limit the scope of the traffic model to four alternative routes all of which were drawn up by the Kent Science Park themselves.
08 Oct 2011

It was interesting to observe the commentary from Councillors on the LDF panel following Thursday’s unveiling of the second run of the long awaited transport model.
30 Sep 2011

A NEW group has been set up to help residents understand future development plans for the borough.
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