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03 Jul 2011

If the local Labour Councillors believe for one minute that trying to incite a class war between the residents living in the urban areas of Sittingbourne and those living in the rural areas is a good way to go about solving the traffic issues of Sittingbourne, then quite frankly we all now know that they have nothing useful to say on the subject.
29 Jun 2011

SWALE Council has been accused of “sacrificing” people in urban areas in favour of rural residents over its halting of the Northern Relief Road (NRR).
29 Jun 2011

THE needs of the whole borough, not just those of lobbyists, must be considered – that was how councillorsresponded to results of a two-month consultation on how Swale should develop in the next two decades.
15 Jun 2011

WE WERE very interested in your report of a New Group set up to reduce congestion on the roads in Swale (Gazette, June 8).
09 Jun 2011

Pete Raine is currently the Director of Regeneration for Swale Borough Council, a position which encompasses planning and given his remuneration package the second most important position within the Council after the Chief Executive.
09 Jun 2011

Peter Raine, Director of Regeneration for Swale Borough Council has written to the Steering Group formed by ten parish and town councils and CPRE to open up debate on transport issues to say that he doesn’t see the value in continuing the conversation.
06 Jun 2011

A new Steering Group comprising 9 parish councils to the east of Sittingbourne, Faversham Town Council and CPRE Protect Kent has been established because of concerns they share about traffic issues along the A2.
29 May 2011

Local politicians of all parties have for some time now extolled the transport benefits of the Northern Relief Road, after all this fantastically expensive transport solution to Sittingbourne’s town centre congestion problems must surely be welcome by everyone, right?
27 May 2011

The residents have Swale have spoken and overwhelmingly opposed the expansion of the Kent Science Park with a massive 85% majority
11 May 2011

ONE of the biggest battles of the election was between Independent candidate Monique Bonney and Tory Mike Whiting for West Downs ward.
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