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01 Mar 2011

Brief summary of the four options presented for the current Swale 'Pick Your Own' consultation
25 Feb 2011

A GROUP fighting against plans to expand the Kent Science Park (KSP) is demanding an apology after claiming its name has been smeared by the site's director.
23 Feb 2011

A GROUP opposed to Kent Science Park expanding into the surrounding countryside says it is the victim of a "dirty tricks" campaign.
23 Feb 2011

HUNDREDS of people are expected to take part in a protest march against plans to build thousands of new houses and a major road in Sittingbourne.
16 Feb 2011

Signs saying "No more housing" and "Save our village" were put up along the A2 in Bapchild on Sunday to draw people's attention to the threat from the proposals.
11 Feb 2011

The Five Parishes Opposition Group (FPOG) believes Swale council's proposals will see thousands of unnecessary houses being built across Sittingbourne as well as a new link road in the next 20 years.
04 Feb 2011

Head teachers are warning the demand for secondary school places in Sittingbourne is outstripping the number of places available.
02 Feb 2011

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to protect huge swathes of countryside around Sittingbourne from development are-once again calling on people to join a protest march.
01 Feb 2011

The Five Parishes Opposition Group is once again taking to the streets in protest over the monstrous expansion plans, thousands of unnecessary houses and superfluous link road.
31 Jan 2011

Mr Speck might wish to distance himself from the housing, but Government policy demands that the new motorway junction has to connect to a major road such as the A2, therefore the KSP expansion plans and the housing are inextricably linked whether he likes it or not.
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