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02 Feb 2011

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to protect huge swathes of countryside around Sittingbourne from development are-once again calling on people to join a protest march.
01 Feb 2011

The Five Parishes Opposition Group is once again taking to the streets in protest over the monstrous expansion plans, thousands of unnecessary houses and superfluous link road.
31 Jan 2011

Mr Speck might wish to distance himself from the housing, but Government policy demands that the new motorway junction has to connect to a major road such as the A2, therefore the KSP expansion plans and the housing are inextricably linked whether he likes it or not.
30 Jan 2011

Ever since I first laid eyes on the options for the Core Strategy, I’ve been deeply suspicious about the headline figures for both housing and employment.
23 Jan 2011

Yet again rather than presenting a balanced and unbiased set of facts and figures from which the public may formalise an opinion, Swale Borough Council are deliberately seeking to misrepresent the facts.
16 Jan 2011

Have your say on Council’s plans for the next 20 years. Also referred to as the ‘Council’s Issues and Strategic Spatial Options’ consultation you are invited to comment on all aspects of Swale’s future from housing and employment through to transport.
15 Jan 2011

The myth that the Kent Science Park would elevate the borough’s status in Kent to become the central focus of the knowledge based economy has finally been laid to rest in a study from Swale Borough Council.
14 Jan 2011

Rather than adopting the traditional approach of relying on evidence to support and formulate planning policy it would appear as though Swale Borough Council are adopting policy based on evidence creation in its forthcoming Core Strategy Consultation.
18 Dec 2010

Swale Borough Council’s evidence base for the Core Strategy proves that large scale housing development in Sittingbourne and Sheppey has resulted in a housing price increases, whereas in Faversham where development has been severely limited by comparison house prices have fallen.
24 Nov 2010

In defiance of their own Government which has freed the Council of the targets imposed by the previous Labour administration, the Tory run Council is now proposing not only to maintain those targets but increase them.
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