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21 Apr 2012

Bapchild and Tonge Church of England Primary School which once had an excellent reputation have been graded by Ofsted as inadequate.
04 Mar 2012

Fundamental aspects of Swale Borough Council’s Core Strategy are coming apart at the seams. The big gamble of relying on a couple of major developments to serve as the focal point for new employment prospects for the borough is starting to look like a very bad idea indeed.
18 Dec 2011

The Council have stated that inclusion of the Kent Science Park within the Core Strategy is a significant risk which could undermine the Core Strategy itself, as deliverability and therefore soundness of the plan as a whole would be compromised.
12 Oct 2011

A SITTINGBOURNE Southern Relief Road (SRR) will not stop traffic congestion increasing in the borough over the next 20 years, according to the newest computerised transport model.
25 Sep 2011

On the 28th July this year it has been revealed that a cabinet away day at Hempstead House Hotel cost the tax payer a whopping £7,568. The seven members of the cabinet, who are all councillors elected by you and I and not employees of the Council were accompanied by a number of guests who are as yet undisclosed.
21 Aug 2011

The Chalk pit quarry off of Woodstock Road was once the environmental jewel in the crown of the consortium behind the plans to expand the Kent Science Park, who were to offer this already valuable environmental asset up as some kind of public country park.
18 Aug 2011

Cllr Monique Bonney arranged for Abdool Kara who is the Chief Executive of Swale Borough Council to take a brief tour of three villages, Rodmersham, Bapchild and Bredgar within the West Downs ward today.
11 May 2011

ONE of the biggest battles of the election was between Independent candidate Monique Bonney and Tory Mike Whiting for West Downs ward.
04 May 2011

A SITTINGBOURNE ward at the heart of huge issues relevant to the whole of Swale will see a head-to-head election contest. It will be a two-horse race for West Downs, which includes Bapchild, Rodmersham, Milstead and Bredgar, where residents have fought house-building proposals, the expansion of Kent Science Park and, more recently, the route of the final section of the Northern Relief Road to the A2.
04 May 2011

SCOUT groups defied police by marching through Sittingbourne for a St George's Day parade that was not meant to happen. A group of more than 60 Scouts, Beavers and Cubs walked through the town on Sunday, despite a last-minute decision by police not to close roads on the route.
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