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03 Dec 2009

Last honey of the season now available at £5 per 1lb jar. Happy to deliver within the village or please call round for a tasting.
01 Dec 2009

Mrs Butcher and the ECO Warriors would like to thank everyone who contributed to their recycling efforts with "Phil The Bag" and the £235.00 raised will be used towards the cost of eco-projects at the school.
01 Dec 2009

Mrs Butcher reports that 91 shoeboxes were collected last week and were taken to the area collection point at Ashford where they will be rechecked and then sent to Eastern Europe for final distribution.
15 Nov 2009

More than 250 people have signed a petition urging Swale Council to take complaints about foul stenches in Bapchild seriously.
25 Oct 2009

Following the rather disappointing response to complaints about the odours by Swale Borough Council’s environmental department, the Parish Council have decided to start a petition to record resident’s views following the worst year on record for odours.
22 Oct 2009

Kathleen Rush, a Year 5 pupil at Bapchild and Tonge Primary School, won the aged five to nine category and former pupil Ashley Hudson, who is now at Sittingbourne Community College, won the 10-13 age group.
20 Oct 2009

During a question and answer session at the recently held Swale Rural Forum Andrew Ogden from the Environment Agency is reported as saying that “overall in Kent, complaints had been low”
19 Oct 2009

At a time when trust in democracy is at an all time low, and our elected officials seem more intent on servicing their own self interests ahead the electorate, it will probably not be surprising to learn that lying has now all but been officially sanctioned by Swale Borough Council.
06 Oct 2009

Swale BC have been monitoring this situation in Bapchild, and officers have responded to complaints. As yet, substantiated complaints have been limited,
05 Oct 2009

Once again I find myself in receipt of a number of complaints following another two consecutive weekends of foul odours, both of which according to the residents who have reported these incidents have been the result of activities on local farms in or around Bapchild.
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