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11 Feb 2004

The family whose home was damaged when a burning load of straw was driven through Bapchild, on 22 August, are still unable to return home
18 Jan 2004

The teddies certainly were out in force last Sunday for the annual Teddy bear service and picnic tea at St Laurence church and I for one was most surprised at some of the owners they brought along to keep them company
03 Jan 2004

Hello and welcome to my brand new weekly column, where I’m going to attempt to provide some interesting alternatives to the material that you may otherwise hear on the telly or radio.
15 Nov 2003

A small but merry band of workers spent a couple of hours on Saturday 15th November clearing the churchyard at St Laurence church Bapchild
06 Nov 2003

The evening commenced with Richard Bush, chairman of the parish council, introducing everyone and then quickly followed with the launch of the Bapchild village website.
22 Oct 2003

A lorry driver brought down a branch when he tried to squeeze through roadworks in Bapchild on Thursday
10 Sep 2003

Victims of the Bapchild straw blaze are taking legal action against the farmer whose trailer caught fire.
29 Aug 2003

Hundreds of people descended on St Laurence's Church in Bapchild over the weekend to view their annual flower festival.
25 Aug 2003

Seven bails of hay blocked School Lane, Bapchild, for more than 20 minutes...
22 Aug 2003

VILLAGERS were faced with a wall of flames after a blazing 30-ton load of straw left a trail of destruction in its wake.
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