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We are a short mat bowls club, that meets weekly in the Village Hall on Friday afternoons, to play between 2:00pm and 4:00pm

We started to play bowls here in January 1990 with 8 members. We used one mat, which was borrowed from Rowena Sports Centre, transported by two great volunteers by van. Some of us had never bowled before, but with help from an experienced outdoor player, soon picked up the rules - not necessarily the skill! We have continued to flourish, as our aim has always been to promote short - mat bowls in a friendly atmosphere of fun.

Currently we have 3 mats, full membership and a waiting list. This does not stop anyone "having a go" if they come down on a Friday afternoon by 1:40pm, and having a cuppa and biscuits with us. If we have less than 24 players on some afternoons, non-members can play all the afternoon. This does happen sometimes, particularly during the summer months, with holidays etc.

We play "Friendlies" with other local clubs, which are thoroughly enjoyed by all, but we are not a league club. Our emphasis has always been on the social aspect of our club, but that's not to say we don't play to win!

If you fancy joining us for a "taster", just turn up - even to watch - by 1:40pm. 

We have bowls you can borrow, but please wear suitable shoes, which won't mark the mats.

For more details phone: Chris Harris (Secretary) on 01795 474985 or Clive Williams (Chairman) on 01795 843266

We look forward to seeing you.
Chris Harris (Secretary) Bapchild Bowls Club.