Mindfulness Yoga

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Classes do not start until September 2014, with the exception of a couple of introductory mornings on 7th and 14th July 10 am until 11.30. 

Mindfulness is simply being aware in the present moment and non-judgmentally. Simple? Just try it, and notice how your mind wanders into the future or the past. 

In Mindfulness training we are aiming to learn to calm the mind,so that it is less distracted, and more focused. Mindfulness is a practice that has to be built up slowly, rather like body building for the mind! Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness helps to alleviate depression and anxiety, is a powerful tool for general stress, among many other applications. 

In fact this very week MPs are sitting down to learn mindfulness in The House of Commons! American serviceman already use mindfulness for post traumatic stress. 

Mindfulness is a wonderful practice that if cultivated slowly and consistently can shift us from automatic and reactive patterns to a more aware, spacious relaxed way of being in this world.