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Wayne Cook is looking for help researching the Kelsey family.

Henry Kelsey was his great great grandfather born c1834, he married Eliza of London (Pimlico). Henry ended up in Sittingbourne and worked in the brickfields. 

Wayne is trying to prove if the James and Elizabeth that show up in the 1851 census of Bapchild were his parents.

Also wayne would like to know what the population of Bapchild was in 1851.


My husband Thomas Kelcey is a great-grandson of Charles Kelsey (born in 1845) who was Henry Kelsey's youngest brother. One of his cousins has done extensive research into the Kelsey (Kelcey) family and I have some of her information.

We spell the name Kelcey - but you usually have to research both spellings (sometimes more!)

Most of the Kelseys ended up in Canada in Barrie, Ontario
Notably Charles, Valentine, Annie (Mrs Edward Justice) and later Henry.

Henry emigrated in 1883 after the others - he wrote an article in the Gazette paper describing the voyage, it was published July 28th, 1883
Also accompanying him were Eliza, and children Emma, Alfred, Charles - unfortunately that's all he mentioned and I believe he had several other children, I thought there was a Walter that came too..
He talks about meeting his brothers and sisters in Barrie who he hadn't seen for twelve years.

I think the others must have emigrated around 1870 or 1871
The mother Elizabeth came too but I.m not sure when, she died in Barrie in 1891

We believe that James's marriage to Elizabeth Bray was his second - the first being to Jemima Wood who died in June 1831 and he married Elizabeth in December of the same year.
I think there was at least one child - Richard from the first marriage, but he didn't appear in the UK 1851 census with his father.
Also Annie the oldest child of James and Elizabeth does not appear - she was born around 1833 and would presumably have gone out to work, possibly in domestic service. I did find her in the UK 1861 census married to Edward Justice.

Re: the UK 1851 census I don't think James was born in 1812 I think it's closer to 1800 give or take a few years.

I hope this tentative information is of assistance.

Janet Kelcey
St.Catharines, Ontario

If you can help on either or these matters please contact Andy Hudson on 01795 435586 or email