Highwaymen strike at Bapchild

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Reports of the depredations of what the papers of the time were pleased to call footpads, or in a later, more sentimental, age, highwaymen, recur with frequent regularity

January 6th, 1789

On Thursday evening about six o’clock, Edward Reigden of Whitstable, was stopped by two foot pads between Sittingbourne and Bapchild and robbed of three shillings and six pence, and about an hour afterwards Mr. Edward Tappenden of Sittingbourne was stopped near Bapchild, supposed by the same men, who robbed him of seven guineas and his watch.

One of the villains had a cutless, the other a pistol. We understand they behaved with civility and returned to Rigden fourpence halfpenny and to Mr. Tappenden a guinea to bear expenses.

Taken from "A Kentish Patchwork"