A case of hydrophobia

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Before the days of quarantine restrictions hydrophobia was an unpleasant danger:

February 8, (Circa 1800 actual year not available) 

The following case of hydrophobia, which occurred in the parish of Bapchild last week, is considered extraordinary at this inclement season: On Monday evening a servant, in going to feed his master’s dogs, observed a small tan-coloured beagle dog follow him into the stable, which immediately seized a beagle bitch. The man reported the circumstance to his master, observing, that the dog seemed strange.

It was in consequence confined with a chain, biting everything offered to him, and particularly the chain, which however was not considered of moment, as dogs unused to be tied up are apt to do so. The dog being in very fine condition, was kept without food till Wednesday, on a supposition, that if he was sane he would eat when victuals were offered to him; but on barley meal being tendered to him, he refused it, and died on Thursday night. The dogs that were in the stable with him have since been killed; but, we are very sorry to learn, that several dogs, which were bitten in Bapchild street, are yet at large; and, it is asked by our correspondent whether an action for damages would not lie against the owners, should any ill consequences arise from their neglect to destroy them?

This is the second instance, in less than a year, of loss, from the same cause, at the above house. In the former, a pointer entered an out-house, where a brace of setters were chained up, which he bit, and they were in consequence killed. This dog appeared melancholy, shy and sleepy; but, the appearance of the beagle above-mentioned was quite the reverse.

Taken from "A Kentish Patchwork"