Relief road bid

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15 Jun 2011
WE WERE very interested in your report of a New Group set up to reduce congestion on the roads in Swale (Gazette, June 8). The group made up of parish councils, Faversham Town Council and the Campaign to Protect Rural England appears to welcome a Swale Joint Transport Board recommendation to postpone the completion of the Northern Relief Road from East Hall to Bapchild.

We understand why it might do that because its concern is solely with the communities on the A2 between Bapchild and Faversham. However, the consequence of this decision can only be to prolong the severe congestion problems faced by a much larger section of the local community – in Kemsley, Milton Regis, Chalkwell and Murston, not to mention the negative effect it might have on Sittingbourne regeneration.
We note that the A2 group has had meetings with Swale Council and Kent County Council. We hope that any privately conducted discussions will not neglect the people of Grovehurst Road, Staplehurst Road and Mill Way who suffer daily from noise, dust and fumes, or the workers in central Sittingbourne who cannot get in and out of the industrial estate without an endless wait, or the people of Church Road Murston who put up with daily rat-running, or finally the new residents stranded at East Hall, who moved there in the belief that there would be a Northern Relief Road.
Cllrs Adam Tolhurst and Tony Winckless (Milton Regis), Nick Williams (Murston), Roger Truelove and Ghlin Whelan (Chalkwell)