Yet another highly misleading statement from Cllr Andrew Bowles

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12 Oct 2011
It todays East Kent Gazette Council leader, Cllr Andrew Bowles, emphasised that a Southern Relief Road (A2/M2 Link) would improve traffic on the A2 to the east of Bapchild.

This is highly misleading as the traffic modelling indicates that there will be a considerable increase of traffic on the A2 in twenty years’ time. What he is trying to say is that the Southern Relief Road will by a very small amount reduce the amount of extra traffic created by connecting the Northern Relief Road to the A2.

So in plain terms the Northern Relief Road will massively increase traffic on the A2 and the Southern Relief Road will reduce the amount of that increase by a tiny portion.

It is a condition of the Local Plan that this additional traffic from the Northern Relief Road be mitigated before the road is connected to the A2. The Southern Relief Road fails to do this and therefor its’ primary selling point is not delivered.

The residents of villages between Bapchild and Faversham whom will bear the brunt of this spectacular transport failure are not going to be satisfied that the Council has nothing to offer to resolve our problems and indeed their own plan policy.

The transport policy appears to be one of reducing traffic in Sittingbourne Town Centre whilst simultaneously creating a ring of havoc around it, preventing anything getting in or out.