Swale Borough Council ignores KCC Highways advice

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18 Mar 2011
At the very same time as Cllr Andrew Bowles was arguing at the Joint Transportation Board meeting that the Northern Relief Road should only be completed if the road is continued to the M2, Kent County Council was telling us that this was not the solution.

Cllr Kevin Lynes, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development wrote to us (see related links) explaining that the County Council does not consider an A2/M2 link to be the mitigation for the A2 to the East of Sittingbourne.

He states that “The need for such a route, its general location, the specific junction arrangements and the detailed engineering alignment are all open to debate.”

“You can rest assured that the County and Borough Councils have been (and continue) working closely together on transportation and highway issues in Swale”

Therefore it beggars belief then that Cllr Bowles who is both a Swale and KCC councillor could possibly still continue with a scheme which is contrary to this view. The Joint Transport Board have in effect ignored the advice and opinion of KCC Highways and ploughed on the pre-demined plan for the future of Swale regardless.