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Swale Borough Council disenfranchises Parish Councils from the planning process.

Peter Raine, Director of Regeneration for Swale Borough Council has written to the Steering Group formed by ten parish and town councils and CPRE to open up debate on transport issues to say that he doesn’t see the value in continuing the conversation.

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New Steering Group concerned about traffic issues along the A2

A new Steering Group comprising 9 parish councils to the east of Sittingbourne, Faversham Town Council and CPRE Protect Kent has been established because of concerns they share about traffic issues along the A2.

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An inconvenient truth

Local politicians of all parties have for some time now extolled the transport benefits of the Northern Relief Road, after all this fantastically expensive transport solution to Sittingbourne’s town centre congestion problems must surely be welcome by everyone, right?

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Swale Borough Council ignores KCC Highways advice

At the very same time as Cllr Andrew Bowles was arguing at the Joint Transportation Board meeting that the Northern Relief Road should only be completed if the road is continued to the M2, Kent County Council was telling us that this was not the solution.

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Traffic Issues along the A2 East of Sittingbourne

This letter is sent to you by Protect Kent and 10 local councils who have come together because of shared concerns about increase in traffic on the A2 to the east of Sittingbourne as a result of the proposed completion of the Sittingbourne Northern Relief Road (SNRR) and proposed further growth at Sittingbourne.

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