Failure to finish road 'irresponsible'

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26 Sep 2012
I HAVE to take issue with our MP's assertion that to complete the Northern Relief Road (NRR), from the Eurolink estate to Bapchild, would be irresponsible, when his Conservative county members have assured us that the Southern Relief Road (SRR), from the A2 at Bapchild to the M2, is 20 years away.

In fact, failing to complete the NRR is irresponsible and once completed would put additional pressure for the construction of the SRR.

Until the NRR is completed to Bapchild it is a cul-de-sac going nowhere and no further development should be permitted on the northern side of Sittingbourne until the NRR is completed.

Here I would include the proposed Tesco superstore, the East Hall development, the terraced housing around Morrissons site and the Spirit of Sittingboume proposals, all of which will add to the congestion north of the A2 which is part of the Highways Agency's concern regarding inadequate infra structure.

Unfortunately, the Conservative leader's opposition to the NRR is the prevailing view at the moment,
so that the completion of the NRR gets about as much thought given to it as "The Metro" which, as I commented in the council chamber, was merely the "Wheeze of the week, just hot air, and/or just a publicity stunt, more appropriate for April 1".

When we are unable to make any progress on the completion of the NRR I suspect that "Thomas the tank engine" or "Henry" will be steaming down the line before we see any progress on the Metro!

Ghlin Whelan,
Labour spokesman on transport