Further delays in Northern Relief Road consulation

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11 Aug 2009
The final section of the Northern Relief Road will now not go to public consultation until next year and most likely not until after the general election.

At the time of writing the council which still hopes to see construction start on the creek crossing next month, is still awaiting confirmation that the funds are still available for this section following cutbacks in central government budgets.

Obviously if funding were to be withdrawn, it would be a total disaster for Sittingbourne and most likely destroy any hope for the town centre regeneration.

Quite understandably the parishes of Bapchild and Tonge hold almost diametrically opposing views on the proposed route and therefore no one is expecting the final selection of route to be fully supported which ever option is successful.

KCC who undertook some initial consultation nearly two years ago, have been largely silent on the subject due to the delays in the creek crossing section and more recently the change of leadership of the highways division.