Big plans for Hempstead Farm Expansion

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31 Jan 2010
The Doubleday’s continued quest to urbanise the village settlements of Bapchild and Tonge takes another leap forward with plans to substantially extend Hempstead Farm.

The farm which forms the centre of the G H Dean farming operations has already proven exceptionally controversial in recent years with constant complaints from residents from Hempstead Lane who have endured years of disputes with the farm owners with regards to a haulage company Fleetwood Transport who is a tenant on the farm. Planning enforcement officers from Swale Borough Council had to be brought in last year to address breaches of the tenants planning application.

The new plans however would involve a significant shift in the development of the farm which could not be satisfied by the current rural road network. In the longer term it looks like such an expansion would be linked into the Northern Relief Road.

Further to this the Doubleday’s have also pitched for a development of another 62 houses on the small parcel of land on the corner of the A2 and Hempstead Lane. Although this has been ruled out by Swale Borough Council for the time being.