Northern Relief Road Route Finally Unveiled

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11 Feb 2010
The proposals for the last leg of the Northern Relief Road were finally officially unveiled on Monday night at a briefing for Swale Borough and Parish Councillors.

I make no secret of the fact that I was shown one drawing a few months ago in the strictest confidence and as this was neither a fully fleshed out plan and as KCC didn’t wish to leave any evidence behind, I felt that there was little point going public with this knowledge at the time.

The plans we have now been shown look pretty similar to the drawing that I previously had sight of from memory and involve a kind of hybrid of the Western and Central route options with a bridge over the railway coming into Stones Farm and connections on the A2 at both the fruit stall and the cricket club forming a bypass around Bapchild.

Of course there are some very delicate issues that will need to be addressed including the significant environmental and aesthetical implications, the breaching of the countryside gap, open space and conservation zone, and the proximity to the housing along Hempstead Lane.

Although I have some very strong personal views on the scheme, as a Parish Council we need to offer a response that sums up your views, as well as ours, so please visit the exhibition if you are able to do so and if not, KCC have promised some material for us to put on the website.

We don’t have any copies of the drawings yet, so I can’t show you anything, but we do want to hear from you in due course. So please do let us know about your concerns.

Andy Hudson
Chairman, Bapchild Parish Council