Northern Relief Road funding announcement is irresponsible

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17 Nov 2010
The announcement was made during a speech made in Parliament by Philip Hammond, the Secretary of State for Transport. This was subsequently relayed by officials from the Department for Transport (DfT) and further propagated by the Thames Gateway Chamber of Commerce, in the local press by Your Swale and on Gordon Henderson’s website.
According to the above it has been claimed that funding has been secured for the completion of the Northern Relief Road to the A2.
Gordon says that he “welcomed confirmation from the Government that the funding to complete the Sittingbourne Northern Relief Road is secure.”

It is obvious to anyone remotely knowledgeable about this road that full funding to complete the road cannot have been secured. The route of the final section is not yet known, so unless the Government has come round to the idea of finishing the road at East Hall Farm the announcements made are utterly ridiculous and irresponsible.

The debate about whether to complete the road and if so along which route will continue for several years to come. Swale Borough Council whom have recently announced that they no longer have a preferred route and have almost certainly scuppered any chance of progressing a route via Stones Farm would appear to be waging a war with KCC over this road.

This is surely joined up Government at its best.