Public overwhelmingly oppose KSP expansion

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27 May 2011
The residents have Swale have spoken and are overwhelmingly opposed the expansion of the Kent Science Park.

The results of the recent Swale wide consultation on the Council’s plans for the next 20 years have been made available for anyone to examine.

A key part of this consultation examined options ranging from a modest expansion of the Kent Science Park through to the horrendous proposals which first came to light seven years ago.

The real benefit of this particular consultation is that rather than attempting to garner opinion on general concepts the Council actually specifically posed the following question from which residents had to select one of four posible answers.

“Within the context of the 4 strategic spatial options, which alternative concerning the Kent Science Park would you be prepared to support?”

The results were as follows:

1. Restrict further expansion (85%)
2. Disperse future growth elsewhere (3%)
3. Significant expansion (7%)
4. None of the above (5%)

Now assuming that in this age of Localism the Council actually listens to public opinion it can not dispute the findings. Best of all every resident in Swale was consulted so this is the view of all of the residents of Swale.

The people have spoken, but will anyone be listening?