Expansion plans for school

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15 Feb 2008

The Parish Council have visited the school to discuss the proposed extension plans for new permanent buildings to replace the current mobiles, and the citing of a further temporary mobile classroom to accommodate the Owl & Pussycat Preschool who will be moving from their present location in the village hall.

The new mobile for the Owl & Pussycat Preschool will be temporarily cited at the front of the School on the grass area to the left of the main entrance over the half term holiday. This will remain in place until such time as the newly proposed extension of the school is completed.

Although concerns have been voiced by the Parish Council over the positioning of the mobile, the school have indicated that restrictions imposed with the re-citing of the existing mobile classrooms once construction starts, mean that there really is no where else for this to go.

The extension will encompass four new classrooms and a library and will be cited at the back of the school where the current mobile classrooms are located. All the mobiles will be removed once construction is complete.

The school have indicated that they expect construction to be completed within the next two to three years. However the parish council are somewhat concerned that some of the funding may not yet be in place and that this could easily result in further extensions of the temporary accommodation in the future.