Politicians always have an agenda

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13 Dec 2006
IT WAS with great interest that I read Swale Council's Tory leader Andrew Bowles and his colleague Cllr Don Jordan's grand announcement (Letters, November 29) that they are now supporting the opposition of the Stones Farm housing development in Bapchild.

On the surface, this would seem like very welcome and overdue news for the residents of Sittingbourne, especially those who live in Bapchild. What we all need to do though is read between the lines of their announcement.

Cllr Jordan is quoted as saying that "if it happens before the northern relief road is built, that is going to create problems". He is talking about the possible traffic issues around Fox Hill from the new residents.

This is hardly a demonstration of full-blown opposition to the development. In essence, what both Cllr Bowles and Cllr Jordan are trying to do is create the impression that they are saying that the development shouldn't go ahead, when what they are really saying is it shouldn't start before the completion of the northern relief road.

The northern relief road will, of course, not be completed before the next local council elections so why have local Tories released this statement of qualified
support now? Cllr Jordan's West Downs Ward is up for re-election in May. I shall leave it to the residents of Bapchild to draw their own conclusions.

Adam Tolhurst,
Labour Rep, Woodstock Ward.