What will come of our village?

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30 Mar 2006

I WAS completely and utterly astounded by the headline that faced me (East Kent Gazette, March 15) about the suggestion of potential development of 800 new homes in Bapchild.

Using data from the Government's national statistics website, I have calculated that throughout England eight out of 10 houses are "family" homes, with an average of 1.8 children per home. This equates to 640 of the 800 proposed homes having 1.8 children per household, a total of 1,152 children.

In order to educate the children that will undoubtedly be moving into the area, are we to develop further land to build them a school and consume more of the village of Bapchild?

We have all been reading about water shortages in the south-east. Where will the extra supplies miraculously arrive from for these homes? Is the surrounding area going to be completely remodelled to build access roads to the development site?

Is the council tax from these new homes paying for the proposed redevelopment of the town centre? The town centre redevelopment proposal in itself is somewhat belated.

Perhaps thought should have been given to expansion before going ahead with the units at Sittingbourne Retail Park and the areas around this.

Over the past 20 years or so Sittingbourne and its surrounds have been developed and expanded quite radically. Are we to become just another sprawling metropolis with no green view beyond our own gardens?

Mr Prescott is keen for further development of the south and south-east region in particular, while his main residence is Hull. Yorkshire Water, supplying his area, has no water restriction and I would be intrigued to find out how many schemes of this size his council is currently considering.

I would urge Swale Council to think and re-think seriously about the long-term consequences of even considering this development to take place.

name and address supplied.

This letter is used with the kind permission of The Gazette & Times