5,000 houses for the Kent Science Park

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24 Oct 2010
Swale Borough Council has put forward plans for 5,000 houses to support an even larger expansion than the owners of the Kent Science Park have ever proposed.

In a report headed up by Peter Raine, Director of Regeneration which looks at options for housing and employment growth over the next 20 or so years there are two options which specifically include for expansion of the Kent Science Park. Whilst on the surface they appear to be different options in the longer term they have the same end result and the difference just comes down to timing.

Former environmentalist Peter Raine has spent recent years on a crusade to concrete over large sways of Kent’s most beautiful countryside with various ill-fated schemes, the most notorious of which was as a principle player behind the Wye Science Park scandal which involved, KCC, Ashford Borough Council, the Government Office for the South East (GOSE), South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), and Locate in Kent.

The campaign group behind www.save-wye.org say the scheme "collapsed under the weight of its own deceit" and that “The scale of the lies inflicted on the public of Kent by those behind Wye Park beggars belief.”

Mr Raine has also had prior involvement with the Kent Science Park during his days as managing director of environment and regeneration at Kent County Council and whilst working for Locate in Kent an organisation partially funded by the Kent Science Park.

Locate in Kent have repeatedly being relied upon for impartial advice, expertise and employment data regarding the Kent Science Park in matters ranging from a Public Inquiry to voicing opinions on planning applications.

Most concerning though is that in spite of repeated statements by the Leader of Swale Borough Council Andrew Bowles, that whilst supporting the expansion of the Kent Science Park the Council is totally opposed to housing, his assurances are of very little value in reality.