Tory U-Turn as Council plans for thousands of extra houses.

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24 Nov 2010
In defiance of their own Government which has freed the Council of the targets imposed by the previous Labour administration, the Tory run Council is now proposing not only to maintain those targets but increase them.

Previously quick to claim that housing numbers imposed on Swale during the formation of the current Local Plan in 2006, were foisted upon them by the then Labour Government, the Council now refuses even to consider the option of reducing housing numbers.
In particular it is comments such as those from Cllr Andrew Bowles who stated in August of 2006 that the Council were “totally opposed to housing” in connection with the Kent Science Park that are most unpalatable.
Does the petition of 3,200 people and a protest march against the Kent Science Park expansion plans and associated housing mean nothing at all to the Council, are they totally blind to public opinion. I haven’t seen thousands of people protesting in favour of the additional housing, expansion or road.
I recently met with Cllr John Wright whom was quick to defend this amazing U-turn with the suggestion that they had to include the plans, otherwise the applicants would have a basis for compliant that the option was not considered. Perhaps we should be considering our grounds for compliant that less housing hasn’t been considered, what do you think?

Oh and before I hear the woeful cries of those not able to afford a house. I too share in your despair, but mass house building programmes previously undertaken have not in any way been able to solve this issue, in fact in parts of Kent it has forced prices up.
If this was a simple supply and demand issue, houses would be flying of the selves, instead of the perilous state the market currently finds itself in. Previous attempts by Government, with the notable exception of previous recessions, have never at any point led to a reduction in house prices.

It’s simple, building thousands of new homes will not make them more affordable, we need to either allow the market to level out in the long term, or start on a Council housing programme.