Who is Pete Raine?

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09 Jun 2011
Pete Raine is currently the Director of Regeneration for Swale Borough Council, a position which encompasses planning and given his remuneration package the second most important position within the Council after the Chief Executive.

Mr Charles Peter Everton Raine who previously worked for organisations such as Kent Wildlife Trust is always keen to keen to peddle his green credentials. However it appears that many people in that sector believe that subsequent positions have seen this one time environmentalist transform from gamekeeper into poacher.

Pete Raine has for example had prior involvement with the Kent Science Park during his days as managing director of environment and regeneration at Kent County Council who along with college Alex King has voiced support for more than one Science Park scheme in Kent.

As a principle player behind the Wye Science Park scandal which involved, KCC, Ashford Borough Council, the Government Office for the South East (GOSE), South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), and Locate in Kent, Mr Raine will be forever associated with a scheme that collapsed under the weight of its own deceit.

Interestingly Pete Raine was also on the Board of Directors that govern Locate in Kent, the inward investment quango set up and funded by KCC and the Kent Developers Group whose members include LaSalle Investments operators of Kent Science Park. Locate in Kent provided crucial independent advice to a Government Inspector on key data pertaining to the Kent Science Park in a public enquiry.

Following the scandal Pete Raine unexpectedly departed from KCC amid rumours of disagreements with Paul Carter leader of KCC and the fall out from the failed Manston airline venture. Mr Raine disappeared off the radar for over two and half years before surfacing at Swale Borough Council.

Swale Borough Council stated in a press release "Pete has a successful background in regeneration work in Swale, having been Managing Director of Environment and Regeneration at Kent County Council for six years between 2001 and 2007. During this time he was involved from a County Council perspective in major Swale projects such as the Northern Relief Road, the Queenborough and Rushenden link and Kent Science Park. "

"Between 1998 and 2001 he worked as Kent County Council’s Environmental Officer and from 1987 to 1998 he was the Director of the Kent Wildlife Trust, where again he was involved with Swale projects such as the nature reserves at Cromers Wood and Oare marshes."

Some quotes from Save Wye

"One delegate described how Mr Raine could barely contain his impatience with those who insisted on questioning the environmental wisdom of building thousands of homes on Grade I farmland."

"If there’s a scintilla of integrity left at County Hall, a committee should be formed to investigate the conduct of Mr Raine"