Planning to deceive

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10 Apr 2012
Bapchild Parish Council have lodged a formal compliant with Abdool Kara Chief Executive of Swale Borough Council following the borough wide distribution of leaflets advertising the current Core Strategy which contain blatantly untruthful information.

The leaflet which suggests that just 4,000 new homes will be built of the next 20 years is nothing short of deceitful, when in fact the actual target is anticipated to be around 10,400.

Residents we have approached have been shocked, commenting that the statement is highly misleading and a deliberate attempt to cover up the true scale of housing development. Some were not that surprised by the Councils actions.

We consider that it is more than likely that the outcome of the consultation will have been severely compromised as a result.

Therefore we have requested that Swale Borough Council must at once re-issue all the leaflets and make a full public apology in the press. We have also suggested that the deadline of the Consultation is brought back to compensate for the lost time and that residents are allowed to withdraw any responses already made which might prejudice the results