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10 May 2012
If you have not already responded to the Swale Borough Council 'Bearing Fruits' Consultation, then please take justa few minutes to send an email outlining your thoughts on the following points before 5pm Friday 18th May 2012.

You should include your name and address in the email.

Send your response to bearingfruits@swale.gov.uk

Policy AC2 - Kent Science Park

The Council is supporting a 200% expansion of the Kent Science Park, making it the largest Science Park in the UK and just over half the size of the Pfizer site at Sandwich.

The Kent Science Park has repeatedly failed to deliver and previous planning permissions have yet to be built, some have already expired.

This is longer about building on proven success and instead purely a funding mechanism for the Southern Relief Road.

Only 7% of responses from the consultation last year supported the expansion.

What do you think?

Policy AC1 – Sittingbourne Southern Relief Road

The Council is clearly promoting this scheme as an alternative to upgrading M2 Junction 5 even though Kent Highways have stated that at best this would simply buy the Council some time before the M2-J5 requires major work anyway.

The only current option for paying for this road is called Tax Incremental Finance, which in this case would be the business rates from the expanded Kent Science Park, making the large scale expansion a key ingredient of the roads viability.

The road will not materially reduce traffic congestion on the A2, but it does create congestion on the rural roads between the Kent Science Park and town centre.  

Do you support this road?

Policy SA5 - Northern Relief Road

Kent Highways traffic modelling shows that the Northern Relief Road will move traffic away from the major road network M2 and A249 and displace this on the A2.

The Council has stated that it will deal with the congestion caused by the Northern Relief Road with congestion. Yes apparently in this new enlightened era traffic will simply use other roads when roads get congestion therefore no action is necessary.

They explain this as follows: -

“The Northern Relief Road proposals will not tackle any existing congestion issues on the A2 further to the east of Sittingbourne and therefore, in the above example, at times drivers will use the A249 and M2 despite the fact that in terms of mileage, it would be longer than the Northern Relief Road/A2 option as the journey time may be more attractive. Congestion can have the effect of creating an equilibrium with regard to route choice.”

It is starting to look like the Council is seriously considering locating both the Northern Relief Road and the Southern Relief Road via Stones Farm and Bapchild Fruit Store. However no routes have actually being provided for us to consult on.

Should this road be finished, if so where and what mitigation measures might be put in place?

M2 Junction 5

There are no plans to upgrade the M2 Junction 5 roundabout. Even though it is the talking point of any discussion on transport strategy, the Council has effectively written it off.

The Council actually doesn't want to improve traffic flow because it suggests that it would cause problems for the M20 Junction 7 at the bottom of Delting.  

It has one of the highest accident rates in the country for a junction of its type.

We believe that a flyover creating a continuios A249 over the existing roundabout is one of the best ideas, but the Council aren't interested.

Should Junction 5 be upgraded?


There is no more housing other than Stones Farm planned for Bapchild, however it should be noted that there is also more housing planned for Teynham and the combined effect is likley to add even more presure to the A2.

The Council are planning 10,406 houses in the next 20 years and not the 4,000 published on their leaflets.

Should we build this much housing or less?

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