No plans to tackle worst congestion

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26 Sep 2012
NO CHANGES are going to be made to the Stockbury roundabout in the near future, the Highways Agency has warned.

Traffic congestion at the A249 and M2 junction is among the worst in Kent and Gordon Henderson MP said it should be tackled as a priority.

Queues regularly stretch back to the Key Street roundabout at peak periods and a future housing development near the A249 is expected to see the situation deteriorate further.

A third lane on the Maidstone-bound approach has been proposed but will be put in place only when homes are built at the Watermark site, opposite The Meads, off the Staplehurst Link Road.

Meanwhile, blocking off Maid-stone Road at its junction with the Stockbury roundabout was also a possibility, according to John Burke, Mr Henderson's constituency office manager.

Chestnut Street residents have been campaigning for traffic-calming measures due to the speed of vehicles using it to get to and from the A249.

But the Government agency responsible for motorways and major trunk roads says that closing it off was not likely to happen in the short term.

A spokesman said: "The Highways Agency is aware of residents' concerns with traffic using Maidstone Road and Chestnut Street as a cut-through and one solution could be to close off access to the Stockbury roundabout.

"There are currently no plans for this and any movement on it would require careful consideration and consultation with all interested parties, including residents, which would take some time."

by Stephen Waite
Sittingbourne News Extra