Plans agreed despite protest

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29 Aug 2003

Plans to quarry brickearth from farm lane at Bapchild have been given approval despite protests from residents.

Reland Bricks applied to Kent County Council to extract 17,500 cubic metres of brickearth from land south of the A2 and next to Panteny Lane.

County councillors agreed to the application after being told the applicants had come up with plans to access the site, which is overlooked by Hempstead House Hotel, from the A2 rather than Panteny Lane.

Work will see 100 lorries coming and going over a two-to-four week period each summer for about eight years. Contractors will be restricted to working from 7am to 6pm between Monday and Friday and from 7am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Residents had called for the plans to be rejected, saying the number of lorries was excessive and the working hours proposed would disturb them.

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