An amazing response from residents regarding Stones Farm

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20 Aug 2014
We’ve had an amazing response from residents regarding Stones Farm and my phone has been very busy indeed, so sorry if the line has been engaged. Naturally we have been asked a lot of questions about this; here we hope to answer some common ones.

I don’t understand the hybrid application?

A development of this size has to progress through a number of stages from the Local Plan through to a Development Brief SPD, Outline and finally Detailed planning applications. 

We fought unsuccessfully against the development being included in the Local Plan in 2006. 

The Development Brief and consultations occurred late in 2010 and now we are at the Outline Planning Stage. 

However there are some elements of the application for which detailed permission is sought, hence the hybrid application. The detailed elements are the Countryside Gap, Landscape Buffer, Peel Drive Emergency Access and the junction on the A2.

What will be at the end of my garden?

Obviously this depends and the details have the potential to change between outline and detailed planning permissions, but on the whole the applicant has listened to what people said and located the rear gardens of new houses against the site boundaries.

When will the development start?

That does depend on the ultimate property developer(s) who purchases the land, but the best guess currently is 2016/17.

Why hasn’t a new entrance to Landsdowne School being included?

This is a relatively recently development, but the Parish Council will be seeking for the inclusion of this, subject to the appropriate provision of drop off/collection points inside the school grounds.

Is there any point if everything could still change?

It does appear from a number of people we have spoken with that the Council has unfortunately encouraged comments on the detailed aspects of the application only and has gone as far as to suggest that the all the information regarding the housing is purely illustrative and therefore not worth paying any attention to.

Obviously things can change; but given that this is not simply an in-principal application, that is already determined, it is a useful time to relate your concerns as any detailed application that follows would be foolish to ignore any points raised now. 

I've been on holiday and haven't had time to respond?

Please send your response by email or contact us, as we believe that your comments will still be included. 

Can we object?

Yes if you have concerns over the detail of what is being proposed, but No if you simply have an objection to the development of the site.