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28 Feb 2010
Once again a big thank you to those of you turned up today and managed to endure the best part of two hours of me boring you to death.

I hope that you will take away some useful points that will aid you in offering a more constructive and comprehensive response to both of the consultations.

We believe that approximately 120 people attended which was better than we anticipated and it makes it all the more worthwhile.

During the meeting we covered a lot of ground and as discussed here are some of the key points that you may wish to discuss in your responses.


  • The landscape buffer between the development and open space
  • Around the perimeter of the site and adjacent to existing properties
  • Around the play areas
  • Landscaping around the Northern Relief Road


  • Speeding traffic along A2
  • Junction into Stones Farm
  • Access for residents on the south side of Fox Hill opposite new junction
  • Access from existing A2 onto Northern Relief Road
  • Would junction into Stones Farm have traffic lights
  • Alignment of Northern Relief Road in relation to plans shown for Stones Farm
  • Access to the Open Space.
  • Access into Peel Drive, is this required in any form?
  • Do we need a car park for the Open Space
  • Diversion of Northern Relief Road through Hempstead Farm at land owner’s request
  • Traffic Assessment should it be undertaken now
  • Traffic mitigation along the Street, want should this consist of


  • Position of three storey vs two storey housing
  • Design, density etc


  • Retail due to potential loss of shops in Bapchild as a result of the Northern Relief Road
  • Community facility, if so what?
  • Doctors surgery?
  • Play Area, should there be one or several
  • Position of play areas, given existing issues with noise, footballs and anti social behaviour
  • Position of Cricket Pitch who want a private non-public site due to substantial investment required
  • Retention of existing footpaths and how this could work through the development


  • Pumping station currently inadequate
  • Water run off development, potential for flooding or contamination as a result
  • Problems with flooding on present A2, is a major upgrade of water infrastructure required


  • Identified problems with noise survey conducted by KCC
  • Noise from railway line
  • Noise from Northern Relief Road


  • Height of Northern Relief Road at railway crossing and Tonge Mill
  • General height issues of elevated road structure
  • Turning point on proposed new roundabout
  • Views from Bapchild, Murston etc


  • Stones Farm has been brought forward by two years, but no baseline data available from Swale Borough Council to indicate where targets have not been met
  • Possible start and completion dates for Stones Farm and Northern Relief Road


  • Are there any ecology issues you want to raise?


  • We discussed Section 106 agreements and contributions from Stones Farm towards the Northern Relief Road

How to respond

Stones Farm by 8th March 2010

email :

or write to Paul Sharpe, Paul Sharpe Associates LLP, The Old Rectory, Broad Blunsdon, Swindon SN26 7DQ 

Northern Relief Road 10th May 2010


or write to George Chandler, Invicta House, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1XX