Parish Councils Response to Stones Farm Consultation

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08 Mar 2010
Here are a couple of snippets from our response.

In summary the Parish Council would view the consultation as an exercise in initiating a debate on the development of Stones Farm, which raises some useful questions, but one that ultimately draws no firm conclusions and therefore would not in our opinion constitute a Development Brief or even a draft version of one.

71% of the 89 people who completed our straw poll on the Stones Farm Consultation found that the consultation did not address their concerns or was generally unhelpful.

Until such time as the proposals for the Northern Relief Road are agreed by all parties it seems unlikely that the precise boundary between the development and open space could ever be concluded.

Regardless of the fact that discussions have taken place between yourselves and Kent Council Highways Department regarding the relationship between Stones Farm and the alignment of the Northern Relief Road. You have chosen, and to paraphrase commentary from both KCC and Swale Borough Council “to have completely ignored the information provided”.

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