'Be a constructive objector'

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03 Mar 2010
OBJECTING to the principle of new houses being built on farmland on the edge of Sittingbourne is a waste of time, residents have been warned.

About 120 people attended a residents' meeting on Sunday February 28 about the proposed 600 homes at Stones Farm, Bapchild and the planned route of the Northern Relief Road.

Andy Hudson, who is chairman of Bapchild Parish Council, said he called the meeting at the request of villagers.

"People have been saying 'We don't want Stones Farm, we have enough housing, go away'," he said.

"But doing that is wasting time. Responses need to be constructive."

Instead, Mr Hudson advised making comments on issues such as landscaping, the road network and play areas, saying: "If you're going to be living next to the new estate is it going to be houses or a play area? Will there be a fence or trees? This is the sort of thing people need to focus on to make valid responses."

People have just a few days left to comment on the Stones Farm proposals being promoted by Paul Sharpe Associates on behalf of landowners GH Dean and Co and Cambridge University, which was bequeathed a small plot off Peel Drive.

Paul Sharpe stressed that everyone's responses would be considered and sent to Swale Council in full with a "development brief".

He also denied there was any disparity between the proposed route of the new road and the layout of the Stones Farm development, calling them "two pieces of the jigsaw that fit together."

Article from East Kent Gazette