Mr Sharpe in denial

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08 Mar 2010
It may not have escaped your attention that in last weeks East Kent Gazette Mr Sharpe denied there was any disparity between the proposed route of the new road and the layout of the Stones Farm development, calling them

“two pieces of the jigsaw that fit together."

Mr Sharpe who is promoting Stones Farm on behalf of landowners GH Dean and Co and Cambridge University is still holding firm the belief that the proposals outlined in the Draft Development Brief are entirely unaffected by the subsequent consultation on the Northern Relief Road.

It’s certainly an interesting point of view, but not one shared by the Parish Council who have called this

"particularly unhelpful and unprofessional"

or Swale Borough Council who suggested that

"Mr Sharpe completely ignored the information provided and we have no control over the actions of a third party"

or Kent Highways Services with whom Mr Sharpe has requested a meeting to discuss the changes he will be required to make.