Stones Farm Development - Information 23rd August 2019

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30 Aug 2019

Chartway Group Letter to Fox Hill Residents dated 23rd August 2019.pdf

See below the 'Programme of works' contained within the attached letter:

04/09/19 - Openreach to re-wire and take down local network pole (traffic lights in road) at the West end of Fox Hill;

09/09/19 - The northern footpath closure is to take place allowing other service diversions to progress. This will include temporary light controlled pedestrian crossings east and west of the site work, thereby allowing the public to cross the road safely.  It will also include the closure and relocation of the bus stop on the northern footpath near the Fox & Goose; and

26/09/2019 - Temporary traffic lights will be introduced to allow further service diversions and the road tie-in construction to take place.