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24 Sep 2006

As you will no doubt be aware an unprecedented number of people in the village responded to the consultation, which received a staggering 244 letters, that’s at least 50% of the village. However as many of you are now aware the perverse stance that Swale Borough Council has adopted means that the responses are not technically valid.

Our effort has not been entirely in vain though as the inspector has granted us a conditional appearance at the inquiry on 30th November. However once again we find ourselves in a position where we are unable to put the entirety of our case forward as a result of the way in which Swale has dealt with the site. No one is able to challenge the council on its selection of Stones Farm as the preferred site, even though there are far better suited sites. We can not question why Swale who are still insisting that this is due to housing numbers being forced up from 7,500 to 9,100 have actually included nearly 11,000 in the plan.
This does however leave Swale Borough Council wide open to a legal challenge by way of a Judicial Inquiry and this is a line that we may have to consider at a future point in time.