Letter on Stones Farm

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18 Sep 2006

I am led to believe that Swale Borough Council have started the process of sending out letters regarding the recent consultation on Stones Farm.

What does the letter mean?

The letter discusses technicalities surrounding Swale Borough Councils position on Stones Farm which in my opinion should not have been included in this letter as it has caused widespread confusion and was totally unnecessary. I would therefore strongly suggest that you simply ignore its content and simply send back the form after ticking one of the options, see below.

Not sure what to do next?

Unless you have a desire to appear at the Inquiry and put your personal case before the Inspector can I suggest that you opt for the option that says something along the lines of “allow the Parish Councils representative to act on my behalf.”

But I want to appear at the Inquiry?

If you do wish to appear at the Inquiry please can you contact me (Andy Hudson 01795 435586) before you complete the form.

Who is Rosemary Lansdowne?

Rosemary Lansdowne has been appointed by Bapchild Parish Council to act on our behalf with regards to the Inquiry hearing on Stones Farm. Rosemary is a solicitor who specialises in the law relating to local government, charitable and voluntary bodies and has a great deal of experience in planning matters.