What can you do about Stones Farm

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26 Mar 2006

I have heard from many residents of Bapchild who are concerned about the recent press coverage of the Stones Farm development and wish to know what they can do to object to this proposal.

The good news is that because this effects the Local Plan it has to have a full public consultation and because the Inquiry is due to start in a matter of weeks, this will be required to be conducted as soon as is practically possible.

As a parish council we have still not been officially informed of this, although even the Inspector for the inquiry has stated quite clearly that if this site is selected it will be used to fund the Northern Relief Road. It is my opinion that this and this alone is the driving factor behind the very convenient development.

The Inspector also makes reference to a slightly lower housing number of 600 units, although whatever is agreed now can be changed later, as has happened on nearly every other larger development in Swale in recent years.

We suspect that Swale Borough Council will commence with the public consultation period within the next week or so. As soon as any further information is available we will let you know. We will also be providing advice on how to complete your representation should you wish to object to or even support the proposal.