Timescales for progressing Stones Farm

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11 Apr 2010
Freedom of Information request reveals secret timescales for progressing Stones Farm

Quite why senior officers from Swale Borough Council felt the need to keep this information from the Parish Council is still something of a mystery.

However during a meeting on 10th March with Pete Raine the interim Director of Regeneration and colleges Mr Alan Best and Mr James Freeman, we were told that there were no timescales for the progression of the site and that it was wholly dependent upon the developer, i.e. Paul Sharpe acting on behalf of G H Dean & Co Ltd to submit his report following the public consultation.

Obviously in light of this information which was also slipped out from Mr Sharpe at the same time as the Freedom of Information request came in the Parish Council challenged Mr Raine for an explanation.

In response Gill Harris, Planning Policy Manager states

“The attendees of your last meeting with Swale BC do not recall any specific comments being given for SPD programming.  The LDS was still being worked up at that point and even the current programme should still be regarded as a draft until GOSE have approved it. “

The documents obtained dated 24th February 2010 state

Content of revised LDS agreed in principle with GOSE and to be presented to the LDF Panel for approval on 25th March.  For the Stones Farm SDP the following programme is envisaged:-

•    April/May – revised draft SPD and supporting documents to Swale BC
•    Late June (25th?) report to LDF Panel
•    June/July – public consultation on revised draft (further revised by Officers if necessary)
•    October – report to LDF Panel for resolution to adopt
•    November – SPD adopted by Executive.