Swale Borough Council plan to steal our legacy

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11 Sep 2010
In an audacious bid to deprive future generations of a legacy of Public Open Space, Swale Borough Council plan to take our land to build a road. Swale Borough Council also claims that their plans having the backing of a Government Inspector.

The controversy is related to a clause whereby if the Northern Relief Road is ever constructed across Stones Farm, a plan currently backed by the Council, then land would freely be given to KCC from the Public Open Space.

However far from sanctioning such a proposal the Inspector reasons that not only should the final route of the Northern Relief Road be given serious consideration before committing to a detailed design for the housing, he clearly states that a minimum of 15 Hectares of land should be set aside regardless of whether the road goes through the site or not. One should also bear in mind that at the time the Council backed and safeguarded a route that did not cross the site, so it’s rather difficult to see how their claim stands up.

The Council is in my opinion deliberately seeking to mislead the public during an official consultation in order to minimise opposition which is a disgrace. There is ample opportunity for the Council to adequately make provision for the housing and the road within the allowed developable area and it is against their own policy to make provision for a future land grab.

Also with the recent abolition of government housing targets it is no longer clear whether the Council should be developing the site at all. Until the Council has agreed and set its housing targets this development should be put on hold.