Calls to resolve road clash row

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13 Oct 2010
CONFLICT between plans which could result in a new road ploughing through protected countryside is to be resolved by Kent County Council (KCC).

Bapchild residents and environmentalists are dismayed by the lack of clarity surrounding proposals for new housing and a proposed road link to Sitting-bourne's Northern Relief Road (SNRR) at Stones Farm.

Swale Council, which has set a deadline of Friday for people's comments on developing 600 new homes on the farmland, says the new estate will include a 15-hectare public open space, forever protected from development.

However, this policy appeared to be threatened by KCC's proposed road, which plans show would cross the open space.

A KCC spokesman confirmed yesterday (Tuesday) that a report was being prepared that would "suggest a way forward".

Swale's stance has consistently been that the passage of the road is KCC's problem and the Council has not committed itself to supporting any specific route. A Swale Council spokesman said: "While the SNRR and Stones Farm development are geographically associated, it should be noted that development at Stones Farm is likely to take place over the next ten to 15 years, whereas the relief road is unlikely to come forward until the Stones Farm development is well underway, at the earliest.

People have until Friday to comment on the Stones Farm development